How to start

Simply drop us a line. We answer all thoughtful e-mails.

Some topics you may want to cover:

Igor  [email protected]

  1. What’s your idea or how does your business work?
  2. How does it help people?
  3. How will/do you make money? · What’s the most effective way you find?
  4. Your personal role.
  5. How will/do you find clients? · What should be considered as the most effective way?
  6. What’s the current business problem?
  7. What’s the next goal? · Avoid methods! Think of results · Instead of “Build a new website”, maybe “have better nagivation through support”.
  8. How do you think we can help · Why do you think it’s we who should.
  9. Links · Your competitors · Inspirations · Examples.
  10. What do you expect from us as your partners · What do you expect from designers · From developers · From writers.


LANKO is a small digital design & development agency that helps startups with their big and small projects.

Based in Los Angeles and Ukraine, we’re a flexible team of 2 who work remotely with the entire world.


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